Welcome to Learning with Lindsay,

my tutoring and arts groups website.  I offer a wide variety of school year and summer tutoring programs, as well as supportive art group experiences!  

I believe that all children have the potential to succeed when taught in a way that taps into their unique strengths and learning styles.  The typical school model only teaches in one way and generally does not make room for different kinds of learners.  I have found that grades often do not reflect a student’s aptitude and innate abilities.  I believe tutoring is an important tool to help a student discover his or her natural ability to learn, to achieve, to excel and to have a rich and fulfilling academic experience.

Since not all students fit the school mold, some fall through the cracks.  These learners thrive in a one-on-one environment.  I am a firm believer in creating and cultivating a fun-filled, shame-free and motivating academic environment.  I use flash cards, improvise academic games and have developed many creative techniques to enliven the learning process.  I tap into the unique hobbies and interests of each student using the child’s language and experiences as a launching point for his or her understanding.
I value the importance of developing effective study skills and solid study habits.  I realize and appreciate that students of different ages and different circumstances learn in different ways; therefore, I am flexible in my teaching methods and tailor my instruction to meet individual student needs.
I view the tutoring relationship as a collaborative effort between the student, the parent, the teacher and me.  There appears to be something in the dynamic of the parent/child relationship that makes it difficult to work with your own child.  Bringing in a third party helps ease family tension and can create a more harmonious parent/child educational experience.  I tell parents that I will be the homework nag so that you do not have to be.  I see my role as that of a mentor, educator, cheerleader and confidante.  Because I have Masters level counseling training and 24 years of tutoring experience, I feel comfortable and well-equipped to handle a wide variety of subject matter and emotional issues. 

There are various reasons to choose private tutoring:
  • A pupil may not have learned the basic concepts to have a solid foundation upon which to build.
  • A student may have a learning disability, auditory processing difficulty or attention deficit (ADD, ADHD) and needs to be taught in a creative and flexible manner.
  • A learner who has met nothing but failure and humiliation or cannot connect with his or her classroom teacher may simply shut down and stop trying to achieve.
  • A youth may be struggling with emotional issues due to life stressors, or may have test-related anxiety.  
  • A pupil may have difficulty balancing achievement in multiple subjects.
  • A student may be gifted and bored or under-stimulated.
  • A learner may need more individualized attention than the current teacher/student ratio reality can provide.
  • A child’s parents may seek support with the standardized testing and/or application process for private high schools or colleges.
I have worked with over 1200 students privately and in community settings and welcome the opportunity to support you and your child in his or her academic endeavors.  I tutor students ages eight to adult on an individual or group basis at my home office in San Mateo.  I offer tutoring support with standardized test preparation, core subjects, study skills/organization and  time management.  I also customize individual summer enrichment programs and offer arts-based peer support groups.