Arts-based Peer Support

When students gather together, focused on a structured activity, positive change can happen!
My psychotherapy training has prepared me to use the arts as a valuable tool for healthy self-expression in a motivating and fun-filled atmosphere.  Often the peer group has more credence than any authority figure.  When students are left in an unsupervised setting, there is always a possibility that their peer experiences can veer toward the negative; my goal as an arts group facilitator is to provide structured peer experiences that support the positive and allow learning and creativity to flourish.  By providing arts-based groups, I create a contained experience for the peer cauldron to percolate

in a supportive environment.

Groups are an intimate and fun way for students to learn more about themselves and how to support
others.  Groups are an excellent supplement to individual tutoring and can help ease the isolation of modern studenthood.  In my arts-oriented peer groups, students learn how to:
  • cope with academic stress
  • quell anxiety
  • develop healthy decision-making skills
  • navigate peer and family relationships
I also can customize groups to address math fundamentals and essay writing.  My art groups are small in size and provide a warm and safe environment for each child to ask questions, learn techniques and enjoy new experiences.  Art groups are designed for students of all ages and abilities, and many of my students find new interests while exploring their own creativity. In my groups, students paint, draw, sculpt, design, imagine and sketch using a wide variety of artist materials and techniques, all in an atmosphere of fun and success!

Each group session is 75 minutes long and meets monthly or weekly depending on participant availability.



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Our 6th grade daughter has been attending the Girlz Artz program since it began.  Using art as a means of talking about academic pressures has provided her with an enriching experience that has helped her recognize the stress that middle school brings and then learn to put it into perspective.  Lindsay creates a warm and nurturing environment that helps girls accept themselves as who they are and who they are becoming.
Linda F.
Hillsborough Schools Foundation president

My favorite activity at Girlz Artz was creating a collage about our family. This is a fun class with tons of arts projects that have to do with family, friends, and events.
Lindsey P.
Age 11