Study Skills and Organization




The development of effective study habits and solid study skills is the foundation for academic success.  It is essential that students learn how to implement organization, time management and prioritization skills in order to navigate a healthy school experience.  I introduce students to mnemonic devices, flash cards and visual cueing to enhance memorization and retention in a motivating and fun-filled environment.
Elementary:  Keeping learning fun!

With elementary learners, I play academic games to enliven the learning process.  I engage with the child to teach specific concepts, and I draw from my comprehensive library of resources to create home-based activities that reinforce information and skills learned during our time together.
Middle School:  Developing solid study skills and effective study habits
With middle schoolers, a fun and accepting environment is beneficial in laying the foundation for effective time management, homework prioritization, alleviation of test anxiety and efficient utilization of the binder reminder.  I encourage students to use their schools' online homework resources, such as Power School, so that they are accountable for current and missing assignments.  I target homework tension and incorporate a variety of methods to ease academic pressure.  I work with each student to ensure that classroom assignments and projects are completed on schedule and successfully make it from the backpack to the teacher’s hand.  I encourage students to use every resource available to self-advocate so that their academic needs are met.
High School:  Student-directed learning

A shift in pressure and expectation occurs at the high school level as students navigate the increasing demands of college requirements.  When working with high schoolers, my goal is to guide them toward academic independence.  In order to be successful, students must take more responsibility and accountability for their own assignments, projects, test preparation and academic performance.  My wide range of academic skills allows me to support your child in a variety of ways, including core academics, test anxiety and standardized test support.

There are so many fun ways to study, rather than just rote memorization!