Summer Enrichment

Because students look forward to summer without school, my summer programs emphasize fun, while the students shore up their academic foundations and sharpen their skills.  This is especially important for students who struggle with transitioning back into the structured school environment in the fall.  I offer support for summer school courses, core subject reinforcement, SAT and high school entrance exam preparation.  I meet with parents to generate a summer curriculum tailored to their child’s needs.  Summertime presents an excellent opportunity to address deficits and build skills in math foundation and essay writing.

For high school students, I offer support and guidance with their summer reading assignments.  In my comprehensive library of resources, I have study materials for most of the major literary works.  This helps the students prepare for the tests and essays that greet them at the end of August.  Summer presents an excellent opportunity for me to demonstrate to learners how to read literature and understand themes, motifs, character development, plot development and literary devices.

I am happy to meet with you and your child for a free half-hour consultation to discuss an appropriate summer program whether your child is attending summer school or not.  This affords an opportunity for you to preview a variety of curriculum options from my comprehensive library of resources; together we can design a summer format best suited to your child's academic needs.