After spending a fortune on several "so-called" tutoring companies, we decided to give Lindsay a try.  My husband and I noticed a change in Jake’s attitude towards school almost immediately.  He is so much more motivated and we have seen such an improvement in his grades and his willingness to work. Lindsay has been such a lifesaver!
Stella P.
mother of Jake

After sophomore year, I knew my son Alex needed assistance with study skills specifically in writing.  At the beginning of junior year, we contacted Lindsay Raike with the basic hope that tutoring would yield better results than tried parental lecturing.  Lindsay's patient yet persistent teaching style got through and we saw a marked improvement in Alex's writing assignments.  Not only did writing become less of a chore, Alex gradually better organized his writing and began to write more confidently.  This was very timely.  Throughout the junior year SATs and the senior college essays, Lindsay’s tutoring sessions gave the preparation Alex needed.  Lindsay’s method of teaching forged a connection with my son where other methods we had tried with him failed.  I credit Lindsay for the improvements and newfound confidence in writing Alex had by the end of senior year.  I happily recommend Lindsay's tutoring services to any parent wishing to further their child’s academic success.
Evey H.
mother of Alex

After working with Lindsay, I raised my SAT score 310 points!  I had taken the SAT once before with no prep and then took Lindsay’s course.  Lindsay is thoroughly acquainted with the SAT and provides many successful strategies for taking it.  A few of my friends opted to take a classroom course for the SAT and all of them scored lower than me.  Lindsay was able to keep me interested in the material we were going over, instead of boring me like a normal classroom would have done to my 16 year old mind.  In addition to teaching the curriculum needed to pass the SAT, she also helped me with time management, allowing me to complete more of the SAT in the allotted time, which in turn positively affected my score.  The best part was that all the strategies she taught me to use for the SAT were things I could apply to general coursework and AP tests later on in my high school career, as well as in college.
Arin S.
age 16

Brandon was quite reluctant at first about receiving tutoring, but since the first session with Lindsay, he has never once resisted going.  Lindsay relates so well to young people and has an upbeat and nurturing way of teaching.  She talks with
children not at them.  Brandon’s grades, comprehension of the material, study and organizational skills and self-esteem have increased greatly, because Lindsay is patient, caring and knows how to motivate the most resistant of children!
Jewel V.
mother of Brandon

Lindsay is intelligent, outgoing, and a dedicated tutor.  She is sensitive to each student's learning style and abilities; she uses games, art, music, and manipulatives to create a stimulating learning environment. By establishing a positive rapport with students, her enthusiasm for learning is contagious!  Because Lindsay cares about her charges, she becomes a mentor and a support network they can trust for further guidance.  I have recommended several students to Lindsay.  Some are most reluctant and resistant to any tutoring, but they all seem to flourish academically and emotionally under her tutelage.  She creates a safe and healthy environment where a student can feel relaxed and ready to learn.  She works with the classroom teacher to better understand each student's needs and interests which she uses to help develop lessons.  Because many of her students have not only academic problems but emotional issues as well, Lindsay works very hard building self-esteem.  Her goal for each student is to generate an enthusiasm for learning while re-establishing confidence in one's self, both in and out of the classroom. 
Mrs. Moore
5th grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School

My niece initially resisted any kind of tutoring, but since the very first session with Lindsay Raike, she has never wanted to miss even one session.  Lindsay is extremely caring, knowledgeable and talented and has helped my niece to have more confidence and to find a renewed interest in her studies.  Lindsay has an incredible gift that allows her to connect with children and motivate them in a way very specialized to the unique personality of the child.  We were extremely pleased and relieved to see such academic improvement.
Lynn G.
aunt/guardian of Kelly A.

Before I met Lindsay, I was falling behind in almost every subject in school.  I had C’s, D’s and yes, an F (but only one).  I was failing a lot of tests because I either didn’t understand the material or I couldn’t focus on studying.  I absolutely HATED math before I met Lindsay.  I couldn’t understand how to do many of the problems and did them wrong most of the time.  Lindsay helped me to feel proud of myself and feel smarter.  My grades got better and I finished the year with an A- in math!  When I am studying for a huge test or just trying to do a math problem I always feel comfortable because Lindsay goes at a good pace.  She can teach anything to anyone with no problems at all.  Lindsay explains things carefully and makes sure I understand whatever I am confused about before moving on to another problem.  I no longer feel like math is an annoying pest.  She teaches in a very fun way which I’ve got to say is downright AWESOME!!
Savannah P.
age 12